My own spiritual journey began A long Time ago before I even realized it. I spent my youth and early 20's being able to Sense different types of energies around me. I spent a lot of that time being afraid of them, ignoring them and wishing they would just go away without understanding what they were or what they meant. i finally began to become tired of being afraid all the time and started asking questions to try to find out more about why this was happening.

in trying to understand why I was able to sense these energies, I learned it wasn't something to be afraid of and progressed into a journey that was about so much more! I learned not to be afraid, but to accept and learn from what i was experiencing. i also found how to develop my intuitive abilities in other levels and areas as well. I have a better understanding of how to listen to my own intuition and guides, and and can now see how pieces of my life have fallen together. Each day I can now be open to embrace, accept and learn from the challenges I face with a new perspective and vision.

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