To receive an Akashic Records Reading or Spirit Guide Reading:

*You must be at least 18 years of age or older at the time of the reading.

*You understand that your reading is solely for your personal growth, education & entertainment and is not a therapeutic activity such as medical treatment, psychotherapy or counseling, and is not intended to be used solely for financial or any other type of life changing decisions.

*All information contained in your readings is strictly confidential.

*You may purchase a reading for someone else, but they absolutely must give their permission in order for me to complete their reading. I cannot give a reading without their knowledge as I will not be allowed to view their records.

*Information required to complete your reading is as follows:

-Full name at birth

-Full name now

-Date of birth

-Place of birth

*NO Refunds are given for readings that are already complete. Payment is for my time and energy in order to receive your information on your behalf as well as the time it takes to create your custom reading report. Refunds may only be given if the client requests a cancellation BEORE I have begun work on their behalf.

thank you! i look forward to working with you. you can purchase your akashic records reading here